Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A commemorative award from WED Imagineering to Arrow Development celebrates Arrow's 1970 Twenty-fifth anniversary with a Sam McKim drawn cartoon of Karl Bacon and Ed Morgan shooting the Arrow logo over Mickey Mouse's head while Mickey proclaims; WED Celebrates A Great 25 Year Start.

A close look at the signatures and inscriptions is a who's who of Disney leadership.

In the upper left corner Roger Broggie says "Best Regards."  Joe Fowler reminisces "After a wonderful 16 year association My Best Congratulations", just below the signature of Don Tatum.

Working around the matte; Top center is the signature of Roy O. Disney, flanked by John Hench, Dick Irvine and Bob Sewell. Down the right side are the signatures of X. Atencio, Dick Nunis and Card Walker. The left side has Bill Justice. Herb Ryman's is on the bottom.

This is in the personal collection of Dana Morgan, founder of DH Morgan, son of Ed Morgan, and legend in his own right.