Saturday, June 14, 2014

Arrow's Unsung Heros

While looking at Andy and Bill and Ed and Karl, we shouldn't forget that there were literally hundreds of others who contributed to the effort. Today we're going to bring a few of them out for a bow as well. We don't always know their names, but their contribution to Arrow and Disney's success is undeniable.

Unknown Vehicle Assembly Line Worker

George Montillier and Pat Everett planning a trip? 
Harry AuCourt arc welds a pony together

Future Equine Dentist?

John Jackson and Dick Ellsworth build 'em right!

Mal Darling

(Paul Harvey ended up tending Dumbo's Hydraulics on Opening Day)

Patient Painter adds Streamliner Livery

Two Totem Pole Painting Pals
Anonymous Aluminum Welding is NOT easy

The Phantom Tire and Wheel Man

The 1956 Polk Directory for Palo Alto shows three individuals who stated that they were working at Arrow Development:

David F. Dougal and wife Margaret J. - Welder
136 Abelia Way (Page 232)

Paul F. (Last name missing) and Margaret I. - Machinist
2672 Fordham (Page 298)

George Montillier  and wife Silvia - Machinist
4150 Abel Avenue (Page 413)

Adding to that, from the photos above:

Harry AuCourt

Mal Darling

Ed Clark

Dick Ellsworth

Pat Everett

Paul Harvey

John Jackson

We'll keep adding to the list as our research uncovers more.

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