Thursday, December 18, 2014

Updated Update! Honest Abe Finds a New New Home

Back in 2014 we posted about the discovery of a long lost Arrow locomotive called Honest Abe.
That story continues as Abe will now be starting a new life running around Daniels Wood Land in Paso Robles, CA.

They report that they've broken ground on a 35,000 square foot, purpose built factory situated on 4 acres which will include an out door themed display and event area, fully themed offices and showroom, and Abe who they bought to take people on proper tours around the property!

We wish the best of luck to the wild and crazy guys as they chase their themed dreams.
You can also visit their web site.

Here is the part of the previous story about Abe's awakening;

36" ga. Arrow Development Train
Made by the Arrow Development company this "Steam Outline" train is powered by a 190 HP 4 cyl. propane engine (not running).  
The train includes 4 Passenger coaches each holding 18 passengers.  Also included are approximately 6,800' of 16 pound rail, 5 barrels of rail spikes and rail joiners and 1 rail spacing gauge.  Built in the early 60s, there where 14 of these trains made. 
Located between Seattle and Portland, OR.

The owner, Ron Brett, writes:

"I was told by the person I bought it from that it originally ran around a shopping center in Seattle WA. Both were removed to make room for the worlds fair in 1962. The person who purchased it then had his own carnival and would set it up at different fairs in the northwest. Eventually he sold the train to someone in Eatonville WA. who couldn’t pay, so it was repossessed and sat neglected for many years.

When I retired I bought 26 acres just south of Toledo Washington, where my wife and I started a farm and pumpkin patch called Story Book Farm.  I thought that a train would be a good addition and I had heard about this train sitting in the bushes around Marysville WA.  Eventually I located it and the owner. It took a year to convince him to sell. He moved the train to my property outside Toledo 3 yrs. ago."

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