Friday, March 6, 2015

Roller Coasters! video on Arrow Dynamics

This is a terrific 1990 documentary about Arrow Dynamics with some excellent POV video and the best footage I've seen on the Pipeline. 18:46 of enjoyment!


  1. Hi Dexter! The Mountain View Historical Association is working on a plaque to commemorate the original Arrow Development location in Mountain View. In your research on Arrow, were you able to pin down exactly which dates the company was located at 243 Moffett Boulevard? We think they were there from 1946 to 1960 but are looking for confirmation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. NP - I’m delighted to hear that they have decided to do this! I assume it will be at the 243 Moffett address, since the Plymouth and Huff locations are no longer standing.

    According to notes and photographs belonging to Phyllis Anderson, work on the 243 Moffett Boulevard address was begun mid 1946 and the building was largely complete by August.

    Disney bought 1/3 of Arrow in 1960. Arrow operated at the 243 Moffett address until at least April of 1960, when they also began to operate out of 1555 Plymouth. I’m not sure when they were completely out of the Moffett address, but perhaps a search of the city or state real estate sales records might turn something up.

  3. Thank you, Dexter! Yes, the plaque will be located at the 243 Moffett address, but on the city sidewalk in front of the building, not on the building itself. Follow-up question: Do you happen to have access to any high-quality images of Arrow Development while it was at the 243 Moffett address? Thanks again!

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