Sunday, August 9, 2015

1959 was a Very Good Year for Arrow

By late 1959, Arrow's star was definitely on the rise. The November 30th Issue of Billboard Magazine featured two ads and a story that give significant clues as to just how well things were going, with at least half a million dollars in orders; All told, there were;

4 - Dark Rides
2 - Electronically guided trackless trains (Danny the Dragon)
9 - 19th Century Mine Trains
40 - Freeway Cars
30 - Cadillac 1911 Cars
4 - Ford Cars
4 - Maxwell Cars
68 - Tramway Ride Buckets

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF - Arrow Development Company will deliver approximately $500,000 worth of original theme rides to Freedomland, Inc., New York, by the first of the year, Walter B. Schulze, Arrow Secretary-Treasurer said.

The company has purchased three and one-half acres for a new plant that will centralize operations and speed the production on orders for spring delivery for nearly every important park in the nation.

Arrow is now making four dark rides, one of which will be two-story; two electronically guided trackless trains, two 19th Century Mine Trains, 40 streamlined freeway cars, 30 Cadillac 1911 cars, 68 tramway ride buckets, one 72-passenger circular turntable spinning top ride and other devices still in the planning stage.

Schulze said that the steel strike had been anticipated and construction of the rides was started late in the summer. A majority of the dark car rides, Cadillacs and trains for Freedomland will be delivered late this year in anticipation of the July 1 opening.

Other rides on order include a 19th Century Electric Mine Train with 10 ore cars, gags and sound effects for the Santa Cruz Seaside Company, Santa Cruz, Calif. four Ford and Maxwell antique cars and a 19th Century Mine Train with excursion type coaches for Adventure Land Atlanta, and five electric trains with a mine type theme for Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park Calif.

Also on the work schedule are modernization of dark rides by Arrow for Riverview Park, Chicago and Coney Island, Cincinnati.

Ads in Billboard touted Gas Light Village as having grossed $24,000 in 56 days with 8 Arrow Antique gasoline cars and 850,000 riders in the last two seasons at Knott’s Berry Farm, using the "original contact shoes.”on the electric tracked auto ride.

Another add stated; 

New rides now building for Freedomland, N.Y. Additionally, Arrow is pleased to announce that mechanical devices developed by Arrow for Disneyland; Turntable ride, 2-story dark ride, etc., are now available to Arrow customers for the use with completely new ride themes.

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