Saturday, August 22, 2015

Arrow Trams!

While writing Building Disney's Dream I came a cross a handful of references to Arrow having done the parking lot trams for Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well as propane powered trams for Yosemite National Park. Since that time several more references and images have surfaced;

About 1973 Arrow published a four page supplement to Amusement Business magazine that contained this image of one of their trams.

This image was taken during tracking tests. While testing a 5 tram train, the last unit tracked within 5 inches of the first unit with *no* adjustments to the steering setup.
Chassis Development

With this larger view it's not difficult to tell where these images were taken; Arrow's facility at 1555 Plymouth which also shared an address at 520 Huff.
Loading for Shipment
 Here we see a whole fleet of trams getting ready to leave for Orlando.

Ready to Roll

This shot illustrates the similarities to the more recent WDW trams;

WDW Trams

and we'll close with a close-up at the double wishbone suspension of Arrow's chassis;

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